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Tyent is a certified Medical grade water ionizer with Japanese technology from TAE YOUNG E&T CO. LTD, South Korea. Tyent is a most trusted & most selling reputed water ionizer brand in the space of Hydrogen Rich alkaline water ionizers spreading roots across 36 countries across the globe, Since 1995. Tyent is well known for its patented & updated technology. Tyent is always one step ahead of its completion with its own in-house R&D, testing, innovation, and execution experience since 1995 with an incredible history of 25+ years.

Medilight healthcare has been the most significant & most recognized company in the space of Hydrogen-rich alkaline water ionizers in India since 2016. After good research time, Medilight health care has partnered with Tyent water ionizers in India to launch a trustable and certified water ionizer without too many middlemen interference and hold good after-sales and support responsibilities. So To date, We have successfully reached more than 200,000 + kitchens in the span of 5 years. Our in detail & In house specialized R&D, testing, installation procedure, techniques, on-time doorstep service & complete analysis of typical Indian input waters make the water ionizer's functionality more reliable & trouble-free for Indian users.Worlds most trusted:Tyent is a leading water ionizer brand in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and in 26 more countries across the globe. People all around the world keep trust in this brand to keep up their health and for their loving family members also.

Smart pH Booster with Mobile App Control

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