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ModelTyent NMP-7.
Electrode/plates: 7.
pH Range: 2.5 - 11.5.*
ORP Range: up to - 950.*
Generates: 7 types of water levels.
pH Levels: 3 alkaline, 2 Acidic, 1 neutral, & 1 Turbo (Strong alkaline 11.5pH).
plate Surface area: 52.9*7 = 370.3 sq inches.
Water Generating Capacity        : 1.5-3.0L/min.
Filters Structure: 2 filters( .01 micron NSF & ANSI certified).
Filter Materials: Carbon Block, UF, TM ceramics, Membrance & Calcium sulfite.
Filter Capacity: 8000L.
Dimension(mm): 300(W) * 135(D) * 355(H).
Weight(kg): 5.2
Cleaning type: Automatic (PAST technology).
Display Type: One-touch LCD.
power Supply: Patented SMPS PLUS power supply.
Power consumption:  Max 220W.
Operating Voltage Range:  200 - 240V, 50-60HZ.
Voice Confirmation:  Yes
Input water parameters required  Input water TDS: 90 - 160.
: Input water pH: 7pH.
  Input water Pressure: 5-7L/Min.
Warranty: 3 Years on ionizer & 15 years on Electrodes/plates.
General Services: 3 Services per year up to 3 years in Warranty peroid (PAN INDIA)
Safety Function: Water temperature sensor, Supplying water sensor, Overheating protection sensor & Error indication sensor.

Tyent NMP-7

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